Congratulate Todd Mitchell, RPA, CCIM, on his successful term as BOMA Georgia president!


Offer your congratulations and thanks for a wonderful year to 2017 BOMA Georgia President Todd Mitchell by making a $25 tax-deductible gift to the BOMA Georgia Foundation in his honor. Your tribute gift is a special way to honor Todd, while strengthening the Foundation's commitment to education and research.

When donors make a tribute gift in Todd's honor:

  • Their name (individual donation) or company name (corporate donation) will be recognized on the BOMA Georgia Foundation website;
  • Individual or company name recognition will be given during the BOMA Georgia May Luncheon; and
  • A personalized gift will be presented to Todd-including the individual or company's name as a tribute donor.

This is a limited-time opportunity to give this special thank-you gift. Donate by selecting the appropriate donation option below. Please make your gift by May 7, 2018.

Individual Donors

Individual Tribute Donation - Todd Mitchell

Company Donors

Corporate Tribute Donation - Todd Mitchell

Join our Growing List of Individual and Coproate Donors!

  • Alan Burton
  • Allied International Cleaning Services
  • Amanda Morrison
  • Annette Mengert
  • Arborguard Tree Specialists
  • Ashaunti Redd
  • Bert Locke
  • Billy Gray
  • BOMA Georgia
  • Brenden Welch, LEED AP
  • C.A. "Bo" Reddic, IV
  • Christine Bailey, RPA
  • David Vences
  • Deborah Sparks, RPA, LEED Green Assoc.
  • Dena Rodrigues, CPM
  • Everclear Enterprises, Inc.
  • Fellers, Schewe, Scott & Roberts, Inc.
  • Fiveash Stanley, Inc.
  • Florence Barbour RPA, CPM
  • Gabriel Eckert, FASAE, CAE
  • Greg and Dori Bellina
  • Holly Hughes
  • Ian Hughes
  • Jacob Wilder, CAE
  • Jen Cooper
  • John Oliver
  • John Wetherald
  • Judi Sponsel
  • Keisha Hutchinson
  • Kinsey Hinkson, RPA, BOMI-HP
  • Laurie Harper
  • Leigh Ann Gantt, RPA, FMA, SMA
  • Linda Beauchamp, RPA
  • Linda Bolan
  • Lisa Hollingshed
  • Marie Worsham
  • Mark Dukes, RPA, CCIM
  • Mayberry Electric
  • Melody Frcek
  • Michael Knox, SMA, LEED GA
  • Miller Getz, RPA, CCIM
  • Natalie Tyler-Martin
  • Nicole DuBee
  • Orlando Ojeda
  • Patrick Freeman, RPA SMA CPM CCIM LEED AP
  • Roof Partners, LLC
  • Russell Copeland
  • SERVPRO of Decatur
  • Stacy McMahon
  • Steve Sauriol
  • Tammy Weeks
  • Trena Morton
  • Trenton Patterson
  • Wendy Cowart