Congratulate Todd Mitchell, RPA, CCIM, on his successful term as BOMA Georgia president!


Offer your congratulations and thanks for a wonderful year to 2017 BOMA Georgia President Todd Mitchell by making a $25 tax-deductible gift to the BOMA Georgia Foundation in his honor. Your tribute gift is a special way to honor Todd, while strengthening the Foundation's commitment to education and research.

When donors make a tribute gift in Todd's honor:

  • Their name (individual donation) or company name (corporate donation) will be recognized on the BOMA Georgia Foundation website;
  • Individual or company name recognition will be given during the BOMA Georgia May Luncheon; and
  • A personalized gift will be presented to Todd-including the individual or company's name as a tribute donor.

This is a limited-time opportunity to give this special thank-you gift. Donate by selecting the appropriate donation option below. Please make your gift by May 7, 2018.

Individual Donors


Company Donors


Join our Growing List of Individual and Coproate Donors!

  • Alan Burton
  • Allied International Cleaning Services
  • Amanda Morrison
  • Annette Mengert
  • Arborguard Tree Specialists
  • Ashaunti Redd
  • Bert Locke
  • Billy Gray
  • BOMA Georgia
  • Brenden Welch, LEED AP
  • C.A. "Bo" Reddic, IV
  • Christine Bailey, RPA
  • David Vences
  • Deborah Sparks, RPA, LEED Green Assoc.
  • Dena Rodrigues, CPM
  • Everclear Enterprises, Inc.
  • Fellers, Schewe, Scott & Roberts, Inc.
  • Fiveash Stanley, Inc.
  • Florence Barbour RPA, CPM
  • Gabriel Eckert, FASAE, CAE
  • Greg and Dori Bellina
  • Holly Hughes
  • Ian Hughes
  • Jacob Wilder, CAE
  • Jen Cooper
  • John Oliver
  • John Wetherald
  • Judi Sponsel
  • Keisha Hutchinson
  • Kinsey Hinkson, RPA, BOMI-HP
  • Laurie Harper
  • Leigh Ann Gantt, RPA, FMA, SMA
  • Linda Beauchamp, RPA
  • Linda Bolan
  • Lisa Hollingshed
  • Marie Worsham
  • Mark Dukes, RPA, CCIM
  • Mayberry Electric
  • Melody Frcek
  • Michael Knox, SMA, LEED GA
  • Miller Getz, RPA, CCIM
  • Natalie Tyler-Martin
  • Nicole DuBee
  • Orlando Ojeda
  • Patrick Freeman, RPA SMA CPM CCIM LEED AP
  • Roof Partners, LLC
  • Russell Copeland
  • SERVPRO of Decatur
  • Stacy McMahon
  • Steve Sauriol
  • Tammy Weeks
  • Trena Morton
  • Trenton Patterson
  • Wendy Cowart