BOMA Georgia Foundation research provides tools to real estate professionals that add value to the properties they own, manage, and operate. The Foundation's research studies and white papers also help real estate professionals and companies stay competitive in the continually evolving real estate marketplace.

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White Paper on CRE and the Bee

This report provides information about bees and beekeeping in urban settings. Published by Building Owners and Managers Association of Georgia (BOMA Georgia) and Building Owners and Managers Association of Georgia Foundation (BOMA Georgia Foundation), it gathers pertinent information about the pros and cons of creating bee habitat on building roofs across the United States, shares best practices for hosting thriving bee hives and explains how other companies have leveraged their bees and sustainability efforts to stand out from the competition, gain corporate recognition and boost the bottom line.

White Paper on The Future Workplace

The Foundation has released a whitepaper examining The Future Workplace that examines the trends in the design, layout and function of the future workplace. Also reviewed are the realities and impacts of these trends. The topics and trends associated with the future workplace are continually evolving. It may require several years for the real estate industry to realize the outcome of these trends. The BOMA Georgia Foundation is pleased to share this white paper report and contribute further to the ongoing dialogue surrounding the future workplace.

White Paper on Property Management and Firearms in Georgia

The Foundation has released a white paper examining Georgia’s laws related to firearms and outlining what building owners and managers need to know to comply. Click the button below to receive the download link for this white paper.

Southern Region Conference Research: 2017 CRE Issues That Matter Report

As part of the 2017 Southern Region Conference, the Education Task Force designed an interactive discussion session on the morning of Saturday, April 8, 2017 for the purposes of engaging attendees in a conversation about what trends, issues and opportunities will have the greatest impact on commercial real estate (CRE) in the next five to 10 years. This report is a summary of their findings.

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 With your support, the Foundation will continue to provide research studies, white papers, and analytical tools designed to help real estate professionals add value to the properties they own, manage, and operate.

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The Foundation’s salary survey is a useful tool for me and my company, helping us to stay competitive in the market and understand the feasibility of increasing our staff. The kind of research conducted by the Foundation advances the industry and makes commercial real estate companies more profitable and efficient.
— Grace Bickham, RPA
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